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"Weniger, aber besser / Less but better" - Dieter Rams 🐐

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About Me

Brief about me

I mainly focus on frontend microservices architecture, web standards, accessibility, and design systems.

I also enjoy test driven backend development and infrastructure orchestration a lot. Generally, simplifying complex problems keeps me awake at night.

My tech stack is around Javascript, React, React Native, NodeJS, GraphQl, Typescript, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Docker, Kubernetes, and currently into Go.

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The Skills

Here are the skills that powers up my projects
  • Photoshop
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • Wordpress
  • Javascript (React, React Native, etc.)
  • Angular JS
  • Git, npm, Gruntjs, Bower
  • SEO

The Projects

Some of my personal projects that i am proud of
Scoop Themes

Scoop Themes - Free Templates & Components

Free Premium Bootstrap 3 Templates & Themes high crafted like never before in the open source community, All our templates and themes are open source under the MIT license, free to use. Enjoy!

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Biscuit UI

Biscuit UI - Open Source UI Framework

Biscuit is a UI framework that has it’s own responsive grid system with some helpers classes, and supports RTL direction. Biscuit just started in the open source community and working to add more powerful ui features.

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The Portfolio

Samples of the projects i worked on over the years

The Blog

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How To Install SASS on Windows

SASS is a CSS processor that can make your life easier and faster than any other CSS processors, Installing SASS on windows actually very easy, and here is a little guide how to install...

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