SASS is a CSS processor that can make your life easier and faster than any other CSS processors, Installing SASS on windows actually very easy, and here is a little guide how to install it on windows.

What to install

Installing Ruby

  1. Accept the licence then press NEXT
  2. Make sure you check “Add Ruby excutables to your PATH”, This will add ruby to your cmd.
  3. Press Install Then Finish.
  4. Check if ruby installed correctly, type :
ruby -v  #this should output something like the below
ruby 2.0.0p481

Installing SASS With Gem :

  • Open cmd.
  • type the following CLI to install SASS
gem install sass
  • This should output :
Fetching: sass-3.4.2.gem (100%)
Successfully installed sass-3.4.2
Parsing documentation for sass-3.4.2
Installing ri documentation for sass-3.4.2
1 gem installed
  • Check if SASS installed :
sass -v
Sass 3.4.2

That should do it, now put sass into action and run it.

  • Navigate to your sass folder
cd /PATH/TO/SASS-FOLDER --watch style.scss:style.css

Boom now it’s up and running.